Lecture for vets on prophylaxis for chameleons

Lecture for vets on prophylaxis for chameleons

On 18 November 2023, the spokesperson of the AG Chameleons will give a lecture for veterinary colleagues on which prophylactic measures are possible and useful in veterinary practice. To a large extent, prophylaxis includes keeping the chameleons in the terrarium itself, so a large part of the lecture will deal with what needs to be considered when keeping chameleons and which common mistakes still lead to husbandry-related diseases or injuries in chameleons. She will also discuss the collection of the so-called minimum database during the annual check-up in the veterinary practice and show examples of diseases recognised early and late. A Q&A session directly after the respective presentations rounds off the short excursion into prophylaxis in chameleons.

Registration for the conference is also possible for non-DGHT members who are veterinarians – see the link below to the mVet conference platform.

Dr. Alexandra Laube Prophylaxis for chameleons – is it possible and if so, how?
59. Conference of DGHT working group amphibian and reptile diseases (AG ARK)

Photo: Calumma amber in the Montagne d’Ambre, Madagascar, photographed by A. Laube

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