Lecture for vets on prophylaxis for chameleons

Lecture for vets on prophylaxis for chameleons

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On 18 November 2023, the spokesperson of the AG Chameleons will give a lecture for veterinary colleagues on which prophylactic measures are possible and useful in veterinary practice. To a large extent, prophylaxis includes keeping the chameleons in the terrarium itself, so a large part of the lecture will deal with what needs to be considered when keeping chameleons and which common mistakes still lead to husbandry-related diseases or injuries in chameleons. She will also discuss the collection of the so-called minimum database during the annual check-up in the veterinary practice and show examples of diseases recognised early and late. A Q&A session directly after the respective presentations rounds off the short excursion into prophylaxis in chameleons.

Registration for the conference is also possible for non-DGHT members who are veterinarians – see the link below to the mVet conference platform.

Dr. Alexandra Laube Prophylaxis for chameleons – is it possible and if so, how?
59. Conference of DGHT working group amphibian and reptile diseases (AG ARK)

Photo: Calumma amber in the Montagne d’Ambre, Madagascar, photographed by A. Laube

For those on short notice: Live stream about Madagascar

For those on short notice: Live stream about Madagascar

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For those who make up their minds at short notice, there is a spontaneous chance to attend a particularly beautiful lecture tomorrow, Saturday, 08 October 2022. Together with Jutta Dwinger, AG member Lars Dwinger will give a lecture full of pictures, which will be broadcast online via live stream. This is an opportunity for all those who prefer to watch lectures from the comfort of their couch or for whom the journey to Lower Saxony is simply too far. Language will be German.

This year, the two Dwingers travelled to the north of Madagascar, which is known for its extreme biodiversity. The journey begins in the Marojejy National Park, which stretches across the gorges and steep slopes of the mountain range of the same name. There you can see exceptionally rarely photographed chameleons, but also a great variety of frogs, snakes and geckos. Afterwards, the journey led via the east coast towns of Sambava and Vohémar to the dry forest of Daraina. The next stop was the world-famous Tsingys in Ankarana National Park. Even in these two dry forests, there is a lot of small and big life. The final stop was camping in the middle of a chameleon paradise: The Amber Mountain in the far north of Madagascar. Between tiny earth chameleons that just fit on the tip of a finger and the gentle giants of the rainforest, the two Hamburgers encounter many fascinating creatures on this trip.

Lars und Jutta Dwinger Foray through four national parks in northern Madagascar
Arbeitskreis Wirbellose in Binnengewässern e.V.
Live-Stream Watch the video
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Niedersachsenstraße 8
31275 Lehrte
Lecture starts at 5 pm 17 Uhr

Picture: Brookesia vadoni in Marojejy, photographed by Jutta Dwinger