Presentation in Basel about the European Chameleon

Presentation in Basel about the European Chameleon

Markus Grimm, long-time member of the AG Chameleons and for many years entrusted in Switzerland with the implementation of expert courses for chameleon keeping, will give a detailed lecture on the European chameleon on 28 June 2024 in Basel (Switzerland).

The European chameleon (Chamaeleo chamaeleon) describes the archetype of the chameleon as such and thus has status character for the human conception of chameleons. The rather seldom kept chameleon species makes some demands on keeping and breeding, which Markus was able to fathom during trips to the habitat as well as during keeping in the terrarium. After a short introduction, which includes systematics, Markus gives insights into the habitat of this chameleon in nature. In addition, the audience will learn the most important parameters for successful keeping and breeding in the terrarium. So it will definitely be very exciting – anyone interested in chameleons should definitely watch this lecture!

Markus Grimm The European Chameleon – Habitat, husbandry & breeding
Schildkrotte Grubbe Regio Basel
Gasthof Zur Saline
Rheinstraße 23
4133 Pratteln-Schweizerhalle (Switzerland)
Lecture starts at 7.30 pm

Picture: Markus Grimm

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