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CHAMAELEO 49 – December 2022 – Contents

  • Retrospect to 2022 [German]
  • Conference 2023 [German]
  • Photo Competition 2023 [German]
  • Experiences with keeping and breeding the carpet chameleon Furcifer lateralis by Benjamin and Meike Ludwig [German]
  • Keeping and breeding Calumma roaloko by Michael Nash [English, German]
  • Interview with Daniel Hughes, US herpetologist and author of A Pocket Guide to the Chameleons of Uganda [English, German]
  • Soil temperatures in the Andasibe rainforest, Alaotra-Mangoro region, in the eastern highlands of Madagascar by Alexandra Laube, Harison Zoe Radimbiniaina and Thorsten Negro [German]
  • Living soil – a labour saver? Part I by David-Suryanto Kasih [German]
  • Shortly read by Jan-Benedict Glaw [German]