Presentation in Cologne about chameleon keeping

Presentation in Cologne about chameleon keeping

Jean-Dominique Dufraine, member of the AG Chameleons, will give a detailed lecture on 16 December 2023 in Cologne on the keeping of two chameleon species.

It will be about the tiger chameleon, Archaius tigris, and a species of stump-tailed chameleon, Rieppeleon brevicaudatus. The tiger chameleon comes from the Seychelles and has been successfully bred in terrariums for many years. In recent years it has found an increasingly small group of enthusiasts. The fact that the tiger chameleon can be kept well in a group is particularly important. Rieppeleon brevicaudatus, a species originally from Tansania, has been somewhat forgotten in recent years, having been bred in quite good numbers in the 2000s and up to the beginning of the 2010s. Wrongly so! Because these are very interesting chameleons that are quite easy to keep. Jean-Dominique has been keeping and breeding both species for several years and passes on tips and tricks on keeping and breeding. He hopes that both species will have a good chance of being reintroduced into German terrariums in the future and would like to actively contribute to spreading the joy of keeping these animals.

Jean-Dominique Dufraine Keeping and breeding Archaius tigris and Rieppeleon brevicaudatus
Verein für Aquarien- und Terrarienkunde Köln-Mühlheim e.V. 1910
DGHT City Group Cologne
Restaurant “Steakhaus bei Marco”
Clevischer Ring 120-122
51063 Cologne
Start of lecture 20.00 hrs

Photo: Archaius tigris by Jean-Dominique-Dufraine

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